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"Never promise more than you can do"

St. Ignatius Loyola

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About us

Firm- introduction

The firm Informa Kft. has begun its operation in 1996, it is established by private persons.

What is our aim?

Our primary aim is to plan, develop and introduce safe and reliable softwares, which increase the operation and business efficiency of our clients.

Development of applications answering to individual requirements, formed together with clients belongs to our activity of stressed importance. In course of our software-developing works we lay special emphasis on the exact and carefully planning, as the planning defines the quality of the system to be developed basically.

What is our ground- philosophy?

We always attempt to enforce our clients’ strategy in the solution to be elaborated, fully. The fundamental aspect in course of our work is the quick, exact and flexible working.

What kind of range of activity do we have?

Our activity covers IT services in connection with planning, development and establishment of IT systems. Besides fulfilment of individual planning and development demands we deal with marketing, rollout, support and continuous development of our own applications.

Who are our clients?

Up to now our clients have come from the financial, bank and insurance sector, but we can utilize our knowledge and development experience for clients operating on other areas, too.

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