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Training organizer

Training organizer

Our training organizer system is able to register the special training demands of the firm’s staff.

The system assits to organize trainings becoming necessary, it directs the application processes, supports the trainings’ performance. It makes possible also accounting of costs, expenditures connected with performed trainings.

What main functions does the system possess?

  • It handles the enterprise’s organizational structure, as well as the  data of collegues taking up a station in the structure.
  • It contains the list of trainings, education – in form of requirement profiles - being necessary for occupancy individual scope of activities.
  • It registers the collegues’ obtained certifications, the completed courses.
  • It administers the periodic inspection of knowledge, the trainings to be repeatedly done.
  • It keeps catalogue about trainings being under organization, respectively were planned, as well as about collegues being obliged to take part in these. It administers the applications, it shows the bookings.
  • It registers the sites of trainings.
  • It makes possible to administer, account, divide  the training costs between the participants, including trainer’s fees, room’s costs, accommodation and travel expenses, too.
  • Similarly, as in case of trainings, it is able to administer the different conferences, lectures organized by the enterprise or out of it.


What structure has the application?

It is a multilevel application having a thin client- using web application. Its central database makes possible that all employees, managers of the enterprise can see up-to-date, actual informations about the organized trainings, bookings, free places.

The application is userfriendly, it has convenient face.
Acquirement of its using is easy, automatic functions assist the users.


What benefits has its using?

  • The training demands can be better planned, the substitutions will be solved easier on basis of the colleagues’ engagement.
  • On basis of the full costs devided on the participants it can be demonstrated, what has the individual colleagues’ training of due level costed.
  • The organization’s human resources load decreases, due to the devided online administration of application for trainings,
  • It shows the required but not available trainings, by that it assits the optimalizing of training- organization.
  • The managers and HR-collegues authorized to this can get prompt, exact information about the training costs.


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