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St. Ignatius Loyola


Custom software development Custom software development

Our custom software development projects span the whole life cycle of software development, from requirements...

System planning System planning

Based on our skill and experiences we are able to elaborate plans, analyses needed for working out complex...

IT consulting IT consulting

In the framework of consultancy we provide IT system analysis, development conception elaboration, strategy...

Support Support

In the frame of our productsupport service we ensure the comprehensive support of systems we developed.

System planning

System planning

Based on our skill and experiences we are able to elaborate plans, analyses needed for working out complex enterprise systems.

System planning generally links with some IT development, so it forms part of our custom development service. But in case of client’s demand we are ready to elaborate also separate system plan, maybe system plan- variants, too.

What are our planning works characterized by?

-    We continuously conciliate with our clients.
-    We demonstrate the processes managed in the system clearly.
-    We make interactive user demo.

How does planning start?

All planning tasks begin with survey of existing system, as well as proposals and aims. The basis of a good plan can be only the exactly shaped demand- and requirement-specification of client. The Client’s task is to elaborate it, but in many cases the adviser’s, planner’s assistance is necessary to elaborate a good demand-specification.

Ergo, as first step we elaborate a requirement-specification together, that our Client definitizes and approves. At the same time we work out a project-plan, the schedules of which we correctly keep.

How does the planning take place?

We continuously conciliate with our client during the phase of planning, we flexibly take the demands stated precisely or departing from  initial specification into consideration. As far as possible we form the plan so that we could take also the subsequent aspects into consideration. In so far as it is not possible or it is unnecessary, we make it known to our Client –with proper reason.

What kind of documentation is made?

In case of demand we elaborate our plans in form required and ensured by our Client. In the absence of concrete requiring we use our well approved own format, the part of which can be the plan – depending on its theme.

-    detailed database plan, in form of individual- connection,
-    functionalspecification with commentary,
-    description of role, role-areas,
-    interactive screen-plans of correct dimension,
-    test plan.

In the documents beeing under elaboration we continuously attempt to make them in form and language that should be clear for the Cllient’s experts.

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