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Revizor system offers comprehensive functionality to help the planning and evaluation of audits, the recording...


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Revizor system offers comprehensive functionality to help the planning and evaluation of audits, the recording of findings and the monitoring of actions during the life-cycle of the audit.

Action Plan Managing System 3.0

An internal audit generally consists of three main work phases: the analysis, the statement forming based on the results of the analysis and the creation of an action plan to conform the statements. The last phase includes the overseeing of the realization of the action plan as well.
The Action Plan Managing System (APMS) is an audit support system developed for internal auditors. APMS helps create, execute and monitor action plans.

Its primary aim is to enhance the efficiency, reliability, accuracy and traceability of the audit process.

Action plans are the basis of operation. Each plan contains several items, which are the concrete actions to be done. Therefore the plan is an administrative document organizing the documentation of the concrete actions.
A responsible group can be assigned to each item. These groups are responsible for the execution.
The items contain the findings described in the audit report, the actions to execute to realize the objectives of the findings, plus the priority and the deadline of each action.

APMS supports the use of several user roles.
The internal auditor’s task is to create the action plans, to define the verification dates and they control the communication with responsibles with approving rights.
The responsilbes are co-operating in the creation of actions, and they have task to execute and document these actions.
The enquirer has access to the archived and ended action plans as well. They can present statements and summary reports.
The system
administrator is responsible for providing the availability and accessibility of the APMS system. Also, this role’s task is the user account and user role administration.

The operation of APMS

The input data of the system is the audit report.
The plans and the items are created by the auditors. Every modification or change in the plans are finalized by them and they decide about the ending of the plan as well.
The state of the action plan items are supervised according to a pre-defined schedule, that is when the responsibles have to report to the auditors.
The time period of supervising is the so called update period.
The start of the update periods are marked by the update time points. There are separate parameters to configure the starting date of the update period, defining the number of days it precedes the update time point. According to this parameter, APMS sends e-mails to the defined individuals in a pre-configured and automatic manner. The action plan items must be actualized and therefore modified by the responsibles during the update period. The responsible can modify – even several times – the data belonging to an item. Also, the responsible can register the finalization.
The auditor can accept or decline the modifications, and the auditor is able finalize an action plan item at every given time.

Further functionality

Mail sending configuration
The notification sending can be configured in detail. It can be configured that who, in what case, how many times and with what frequency should receive a notification e-mail.
The update period automatically start with the approach of deadlines and update time points. Therefore the sending of e-mail notifications is starting automatically as well.

Communication, history
It is possible to send mails and circulars to the responsibles manually. A further point of communication is to attach internal notes to each item.

Data corresponding to an action plan item is stored and archived after every modification. The completed modifications can be reviewed as a continuous process, with highlight on the changes between the pre and post modification state.

Bilingualism and translation
The application supports the use of two languages simultaneously. Users see the interface in the language they choose.
Date corresponding to the action plan items can be translated to a second language easily in a separate translation support interface. This makes reporting in a secondary language more effective.

APMS sports a well parameterized, dynamic inquiry interface, which helps in creating audit reports.


  • The level of notifications can be configured according to specific needs using the automatic notification sending feature.
  • The time needed for updates is less. There is no need to send documents and additional communication not needed.
  • Both the auditors and responsibles are seeing – without any searching – their own actual tasks.
  • There is no forgotten task because of mistreated documents.
  • All task related data can be retroactively accessed easily and fast without lengthy searches in archived libraries.
  • There are no lost documents.
  • Disputed cases can be judged objectively based on the historical recordings.

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