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Custom software development Custom software development

Our custom software development projects span the whole life cycle of software development, from requirements...

System planning System planning

Based on our skill and experiences we are able to elaborate plans, analyses needed for working out complex...

IT consulting IT consulting

In the framework of consultancy we provide IT system analysis, development conception elaboration, strategy...

Support Support

In the frame of our productsupport service we ensure the comprehensive support of systems we developed.

Custom software development

Custom software development

Our custom software development projects span the whole life cycle of software development, from requirements analysis to production roll-out. Our own competent experts carry out the requirements analysis, design, implementation, test, deployment and maintenance tasks according to proved experiences.

In course of custom developments we work with maximal consideration of the demads, well documented, with continuous feedback – from shaping of Client’s demand to deliverance of completed software.

What steps does our development project consist of?

1.Requirements analysis
The development begins with exact shaping of demands and defining of requirements. The demands, specifications of requirements defined during the survey phase are the base of planning. At the same time a detailed project-plan is made, too.

2. Planning
On basis of requirement-specification is completed the plan of solution containing the data-base-plan, description of functions and plans of screens. As output of planning phase we make functional specifications, the part of which is also a screen-demonstration.

3. Development
In course of software development we implement the approved functions described in specifications and screenplans. We depart from the plans only with the Client’s approval.

4. Testing
We let the application undergo appropriate testing, at the same time we hand it to the Client to carry out functional tests.

5.Deployment to production environment
If everything functions as stated in the specification – based on tests carried out at the Client– we hand the system for deployment to production environment.

In case of longer projects we divide the task in several details after defining the requirements and we carry out the steps described above in several phases. By this way it becomes possible to start up the base functions of the new system in a short time, as well as on basis of experiences of the already completed phases the farther phases can be corrected.

What kind of technology do we use?

The Client’s damands define the applied technology. In interest of successfulness of individual projects our development team continuously follows the issue, appearance  of the newest equipments, techniques, platforms. Our programmers follow the changes to be ready to solve all projects during the given available time the most effectively.
In course of selecting the applied technologies our most important aims are to ensure the possibility of cost-effective  operating, farther to warrant the portability between the different platforms. On basis of these two aspects our products are based on Java EE, but in course of individual developments we had successful project for example on NET-base, or by using Oracle PL/JSP, too.

What kind of competences do we have?


Application server

  • Oracle WebLogic (BEA)
  • Oracle iAS
  • IBM WebSphere
  • JBoss
  • Microsoft IIS

Database server

  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • MSSQL Server
  • PostgreSQL


Preferres technologies

  • JSP - Struts
  • Spring - Hibernate
  • WingS

Our further experiences

  • .NET
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • .asp
  • EJB
  • Visual Basic
  • C#


Preferred developing instrument

  • Eclipse

Our further experiences

  • Oracle WorkShop (BEA)
  • MS Visual Studio
  • Borland JBuilder


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