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TÉR is a central performance evaluation system, which focuses on measuring the supplying quality of the ...



TÉR is a central performance evaluation system, which focuses on measuring the supplying quality of the employee’s tasks.

In course of measuring the employees get an objective qualification on basis of defined aspects and set targets. And the statistical statements characterizing the enterprise as a whole can serve as basis of competent decisions.


How can the TÉR system assist?

-    it developes productive employee,
-    it makes the working quality numerical and objective,
-    it makes the employee’s development demonstrable and followable,
-    it assists to determine the scope of activities, , tasks and career according to the employee’s abilities,and to the enterprise’s targets.


What are the documents of TÉR system characterized by?

By appliance of TÉR programme the documents arising in course of performance evaluation have  a centrally maintained form, that is why they are unitary. Storing of forms occures in a retrievable way, in electric form.

All informations arising in course of valuations are stored on a single place. It makes possible the convenient central following of individual document- elements on the one part, on the other part it ensures the equal formal appearance of forms used in course of evaluations, in every case. The central data storage and its unitary handling ensure that the documets can be searched and made visualized free .

The continuous control and following of actuality during the life-history of individual documents become possible by that.

The targets and evaluations are simply followable and controllable.

What kind of statistical data does the system provide?

The central data-storage and unitary form make possible to carry out different statistical elaborations per employee. Statistic can be made per organizational units or concerning the whole enterprise, contemporaneously there is possibility for view of collegue’s evaluations in due time, for prompt survey of the modifications’ rate  and direction.

Making statistics does not need to carry out special, extended preparatory elaboration. It can be made statistical statement, that can be called in in every moment, which is updated at all times and reflects the actual state.


How is a TÉR document built up?

Tér document is the basis of performance evaluation. Everything is yearly made for the employee drawn into the eveluation. It contains the informations serving as basis of evaluation and the evaluation. Content of the document:

-    Targets: whole of tasks, requirements supporting reaching the employee’s condition necessary for the organization’s aspects.
-    Evaluation: objective qualification by comparison between condition discribed by targets prior defined and actual condition.
-    Career: whole of stratigic development directions, plans aspects concerning the employee.
-    Competence: aspect, ability, value defined in advance, reaching existence of which can be objective judged, thereby numerically evaluated.


Who are users of TÉR system?

The managers, who initiate and get through the performance evaluation. They define the targets to be  realized, they approve the undertaken tasks. They evaluate their inferiors.

The employees,who take part in defining targets concerning them, they may give their opinion about manager’s evaluation.

The HR-collegues, who define the aspects to be applied in course of evaluations.They elaborate the documents, arising in course of evaluation process, they make statistics. They handle the base-ddata of the system.

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