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"Never promise more than you can do"

St. Ignatius Loyola


Coordinator Coordinator

Coordinator gives incomparable solution to planning, coordinating and logging tasks of complex business...

Revizor Revizor

Revizor system offers comprehensive functionality to help the planning and evaluation of audits, the recording...


SAM offers a centralized, unified access management solution which is extensible to manage all IT systems in...

Training organizer Training organizer

Our training organizer system is able to register the special training demands of the firm’s staff. The s...


TÉR is a central performance evaluation system, which focuses on measuring the supplying quality of the ...


After many years of development activity for large companies we have recognized that our clients – despite of their different corporation culture – face similar problems on some areas. In course of our individual developments we have attempted to give solutions, which for the arisen concrete demand are universalized, but can be customized for the client’s requirements.

Our products so formed unite the simplicity and comfort of individual  developments with general solutions of large software systems. In course of serving newer demands and continuous development we have attempted to make well useble new functions to our clients, to provide them real plussage thereby.

In what kind of environment can be our products applied?

All of our products are made for corporation intranet environment with one-point location, multiuser web-application. Our skilled and experienced developing team attempts to apply the newest technologies so, that it should not reduce the portability and safety of our programmes.
Our applications are generally characterized by the multilevel construction, modular realization, using of maintenance-free light client and the possibility of 24/7 continuous operating.

What do we provide beside our products?

Thanks to the modular construction our products can be fitted to the local demands. The installation time is short, we can provide a system being able for live using as well within some weeks so, that we ensure the support on site and the key-users’ trainingl

We continuously support our located products by phone, letter or under point Client service of Internet web-page as well. We solve the the demands arisen in course of using quickly, well-skilled, at the same time we make the solutions found for new demands – within the suitable frames – available in form of version-following.

How can get the individual products known?

You can get a general view about our products from the left showd menu – selecting the wished system. About some of our products you can download besides the summary description also detailed functional documentation, training material, respectively demonstration illustrated by pictures, but its condition is to register yourself at the our client gate located right above. The registered clients may some of our products also test in for of demo.

Insofar any of our products has excited your interest, we ask you to contact us by telephone or E-mail. After agreeing we hold also demonstration on site, or we can as well locate a pilot working method on your site

What should you know about demo’s application?

Demo applications are continuously available, triable for registers users. Also more users can use the online demos at the same time, but all users see the same database that is the individual users are not separated from each other. Number of the just active users is after selecting of the application visible.
The database of applications is loaded up with initiative data – according to the samples of the downloadable training material, demonstration. The inquiring clients may these data free change, they may put in new data without limit. The original state of database will be automatically set back once a day,during the night.hours. In accordance with this it can occur in the day-time, that the database’s condition does not, or does not exactly reflect the examples of training materials.

For further information we ask you to select any of our products from the menu ont he left side.

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