The system that controls and synchronizes

Manage the processes of your company in a task driven way!

The Coordinator provides the following benefits for your company:


Intelligent task management

The Coordinator handles several types of events affecting tasks.
Examples: the elapse of time, the reception of an e-mail, the creation of a file, or the change of status of another task.

This way, it is able to assign tasks to the affected users in a scheduled and intelligent way in an arbitrarily complex task system.

Interaction with other systems

Coordinator is able to exchange information with other systems.

Through its connections with other system, the Coordinator can synchronize the operation of different platforms.

Among other things, it can receive e-mails, make web service calls, create a Jira task, or run an Oracle script and process the result.


Automating tasks

The Coordinator can perform several types of operations assigned to different states of tasks. Using these operations, tasks can become automation generating objects.

Such operations can be, for instance, the execution of batch scripts, changing the status of another task, modifying the values of data, or sending e-mails.

The range of these operations are open for expansion, further increasing task automation.

Journals and reporting

Coordinator logs all status changes of tasks along with the users, thus it performs authenticated digital logging.

It also provides various reports that can also be exported as Excel spreadsheets. The resulting reports allow for further analysis, which improves the transparency of operation.


Advantages of the Coordinator

Cost reduction

The system significantly accelerates processes, saving measurable work time and freeing up professional competence.


The execution and status of processes are always kept under control. This way, obstacles can be removed in time and damage can be prevented.


Coordinator instantly reacts to events affecting processes, eliminating idling, congestion and different tasks waiting on each other.


The system monitors all scheduled tasks, notifies of delayed or stuck processes, assisting the company’s reliable operation.


With the help of Coordinator, substituting or training a new employee can be easily solved, increasing the quality of work.


The Coordinator’s built-in operations allow it to perform tasks instead of users, freeing up human resources.

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